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Julio M. Fernandez

Pioneered force spectroscopy of proteins

1997 Alexander von Humboldt Senior US Scientist Award, Ludwig Maximillians University 2009 Biophysical Society Award for Outstanding Investigator in Single Molecule Biology 2016 Spanish Physiological Sciences Society, Juan Negrín Award for excellence in research

Rief, M., Gautel, M., Oesterhelt, F., Fernandez, J.M., and Gaub, H.E. (1997). Reversible unfolding of individual titin immunoglobulin domains by AFM. Science, 276: 1109-1112.
Li, H.B, Linke, W.A, Oberhauser, A.F., Kerkvliet, J.G, Lu, H, Marszalek, P.E, and Fernandez, J.M. (2002). Reverse engineering of the giant muscle protein titin. Nature. 418: 998-1002. PMID: 12198551 Alegre-Cebollada J, Kosuri P, Giganti D, Eckels E, Rivas-Pardo J.A., Hamdani N, Warren C.M., Solaro R.J., Linke W.A., Fernández J.M. (2014). S-glutathionylation of cryptic cysteines enhances titin elasticity by blocking protein folding. Cell, 156:1235-46. PMID: 24630725.
Rivas-Pardo, J.A., Eckels, E.C., Popa, I., Kosuri, P., Linke, W.A., Fernández, J.M. (2016). Work done by titin folding assists muscle contraction. Cell Rep. 14:1339-1347. PMID: 26854230.

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